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Brad's TechTips - Internet Information Services (IIS)

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IIS: Configure IIS to Determine Reverse Lookup Values in ASP Pages
You can configure IIS in Windows Server 2008 to conduct reverse lookups of the remote user's IP address through Active Server Pages.

The feature is disabled by default. To enable it, open a command prompt and navigate to the IIS AdminScripts folder, typically at c:\inetpub\adminscripts, and then run the following command:
     cscript adsutil.vbs set /w3svc/EnableReverseDNS "TRUE"

Determine the remote user's IP address in the ASP page using:
     <% Request.ServerVariables("Remote_Addr") %>

Conduct a reverse lookup using:
     <% Request.ServerVariables("Remote_Host") %>

Details of this procedure are available in Microsoft KB 245574.