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Antispam & Antivirus Solutions

Antispam and Antivirus SolutionsSpam and viruses, or malware in general, have become a true drain to productivity and the health of computer networks. Spam, in particular, consumes significant work hours as almost every employee must sift through mailboxes to determine what's legitimate and what can be deleted.

In addition to the time drain, there are other side-effects of receiving large amounts of spam. For example:

  Item It's not uncommon for organizations to receive thousands
      of spam messages per day.  These unsolicited messages
      consume valuable Internet bandwidth.

  Item Many antispam solutions reside on in-house servers, and the filtering of each
      message can consume valuable processing power and memory, reducing
      the productivity of end-users that rely on the server to run applications
      and access data.

Viruses and spyware are also significant drains to productivity, and recovery from infections can be extremely costly, both in terms of end-user downtime and the service time required to restore systems to health. Fieldbrook has expertise in numerous solutions, including workstation- or server-based, on-site appliances and hosted solutions, depending on your needs. We have successfully cleaned the most highly-infected networks, and we can routinely cut down spam messages from multiple hundreds per day to a trivial few.

Fieldbrook Solutions is an authorized reseller for major antispam and antimalware vendors and services, such as Google Postini, Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro, GFI and Sunbelt Software.
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